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Vicki Parker, a member of the New Insights team, is an independent health and wellness coach who specializes in weight loss and weight management.  She is a certified strength trainer, licensed PTA, and the chair of the Oakton community college advisory board for the Physical Therapists Assistant program. 

Vicki has taught accredited fitness classes at Oakton, as well as coached weight loss for over 5 years. She is thrilled to bring her individualized weight management program, Kinetic 360, here to New Insights. 

Vicki has a passion for helping people meet their health goals and believes diet and lifestyle changes are the key to reducing chronic illness; weight loss is but a happy side effect to this goal. She is a natural teacher and coach who will bring a positive energy to your health journey.

“You should not have to ‘Give Up’ everything you love to lose weight and feel healthy, you should learn how to replace them with things you love even more.”


Kinetic 360

How it Works

  In-person, weekly sessions that include:

  • Weigh-ins, body measurements
  • nutritional and educational support to keep you accountable and on track
  • supplement starter kit that is tailored for you during your initial consultation.
    • Products included in our program are high quality protein shakes, as well as support products such as EGCG (Metabolism), Saffron (Appetite curve), B Vitamins (Energy), and/or Relora (for cravings), depending on individual needs

Cost of our Program

  • The cost to you is just $349/month, with products included!
  • Partner Discount: If you decide to participate in this program with a significant other or a friend, and do your weekly meetups together, the cost is discounted by 10% for both
  • Call today for a FREE telephone consultation. I look forward to meeting with you and answering any questions you may have

The typical American diet is saturated with artificial ingredients, additives, and chemicals.
Our refined, carbohydrate-dense meals are high in calories and low in vitamins. Most
individuals do not get a 10th of the fiber or micronutrients needed to support a healthy
metabolism. Over time, our digestive system can become sluggish, our metabolism slow,
and our overall energy low.

My name is Vicki Parker, I am a licensed PTA and weight training coach. I have worked in
the physical therapy field for 15 years and have often found that people have increased
pain simply because they are carrying excess weight. Every pound of extra weight equals 3x the equivalent amount of pressure on your knees. Weight also carries with it an emotional toll, affecting our self-image and self-esteem. But it’s not just about the weight - it’s about overall health. We need to give our bodies the tools for a healthy metabolism and healthy body systems. I am here to teach you how to do that!

Don’t worry, achieving good health is not necessarily complicated! However, it does require
education and support. If you are interested in learning the tools needed to create a healthy
diet and lifestyle that works for you, you have come to the right place.

Kinetic 360 is a month to month plan with no long term commitments. It utilizes a fully
customized, multipronged approach to weight loss built to fit your individual needs and